L .C. S.  Sportswear


10 Mill Street, Bellville, Ohio





We carry t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, letterman jackets, hats and more for coaches, students, players and fans in the correct school colors for Clear Fork, Lexington, Mansfield, Ontario, Madison, Lucas, Crestview and Fredericktown.


We can also create custom embroidery and printed apparel.  We specialize in promotional products and fundraisers.  Custom logo designs for businesses and team events are also available. 


 L. C. S. Sportswear is open at 10 Mill Street in Bellville, Ohio, Mon-Wed-Fri 10 -5 Tues and Sat 10-7 and will make special appointments as needed.  “Simply the Best” is our motto at L. C. S.  Sportswear.